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I'd say you and Doumeki have a deep connection

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Welcome to the official DoumekixWatanuki community! The place is yours to talk about, post, read, look at, stuff about our favorite sullen faced archer and hot tempered idiot's romance! Only got a few rules and they're down below:

Community Rules:

1. All subjects should be on topic. If it doesn't have anything to do with Doumeki/Watanuki then don't post it. No spamming either. Mulitple posts (on the same subject) in a day is considered spam. You can always edit your post to include the new information/chapters/whatever.

2. No flaming. Absolutely no flaming, or bashing. Doing this will get you kicked out of the community. This community is obviously a yaoi/shonen ai community so if you don't like don't join. So be nice everyone!

3. All fanwork/media and such is gladly welcomed here as long as it is related to this community and put under an lj cut.

4. Looking for something?

fanart link
fic link
icons link

5. I'm beginning to work through polishing the current methods of tag usage and the rules that follows. So there may be changes going on very soon, and some have already started. I am open to feedback.

6. If you are posting a fan fic there must be a tag included that states the lj username of the creator. Here is an example, but only use the examples within the quotes.
- "artist: username"
- "author: username"

7. The tag "fic link" is to only be used when the link takes the reader off the livejournal network, i.e. it isn't on livejournal.com. Other than that, do not use it. If you have used this tag previously to link to a person's journal, then please go back and change your tags. :)

If you got any questions or comments just contact me at my lj (swanwitch). Have fun now! ^__^

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