Ekairidium (eka_kwentista) wrote in doumekiwatanuki,

[Fic] Dark!Watanuki AU

Title: Frequency
Author: SilkCut
Rating: M
Pairing: Doumeki/Watanuki, Watanuki/Kohane, Doumeki/Kohane
Status: Complete
Chapters: 7
Warnings: paranormal and commonplace bad habits; substance abuse; mentions of rape; manipulative!Watanuki
Summary: Watanuki knows he is now untouched by time while Doumeki remains a mere man made of flesh and bone and will one day expire. That didn't stop either of them from giving into their desires for each other anyway, altering their friendship into something hopelessly darker. In the midst of this, Kohane offers a compromise for the sake of the three of them which Doumeki at first hesitates to take as he continues to search for a way to be with Watanuki forever. Meanwhile, Watanuki dreams more and wakes less--being consumed by his bad habits both paranormal and commonplace--and even when he is awake, he dreams of Yuuko, as well as the man whom she has exchanged letters and wishes with from her past.

Tags: fic, fic link
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