masakichi (masakichi) wrote in doumekiwatanuki,

First Priority

Title: First Priority

Pairing: Doumeki Shizuka/Watanuki Kimihiro

Rating/Genre: PG/Romance, Fluff

Beta: No Beta [You’ve been warned]

Summary: Watanuki realized that Doumeki didn’t say ‘We’ but ‘You’, it sounds like Watanuki is his first priority if there’s a dangerous situation.

A/N: Finally finished with this fic, it took me months just to write this short drabbles. It seems like I lost my skill, not like I have skill to begin with, lol. It’s been a while since I read XXXholic, still waiting for the translated one to come out in my country. I hate reading manga on the internet. I don’t have the best connection when it comes to Internet. *sigh
Oh well, hope you all enjoy this story and please don’t mind the title, I’m not good with title.
Tags: author: masakichi, doumeki shizuka, drabble, watanuki kimihiro
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