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Some DoNuts for Doumeki's birthday

Title: Generosity
Author: Ekaterin
Pairings & Characters: Doumeki/Watanuki, Jorougumi
Rating: PG-13

Watanuki had sensed someone—a non-human someone—entering the garden while he loaded afternoon tea and snacks on a tray to bring to Doumeki on the back porch. Glancing out the window, he was surprised to see Jorougumo in all her blonde curvaceousness staring down Doumeki, who was returning a narrow-eyed but equally intense stare.

He could hear their conversation through the screen he’d left half-open.

“Don’t worry,” Jourougumo purred.” I’m not here for more of his body fluids. Or body parts.”

“Good.” Doumeki still hadn’t broken eye contact.

“They’re all yours now, I suppose.”

“Mine to protect. And mine to enjoy.”

Damn Doumeki. Always so blunt. And possessive. And so damn…masculine, standing at full height in his most impressive university-department-meeting suit. Watanuki frowned, irritated that Doumeki still had such an embarrassing effect on him, and smoothed the front of his robes. Then he slipped out onto the porch.

“Good afternoon, Jorougomo-san. What brings you to my garden today?

“I won’t be able to attend the autumn sake-procession tomorrow night, and thought I might be able to trade you something in exchange for a half-lantern of liquor once you return.”

“I’m afraid not. I haven’t received a lantern this year, and you don’t seem to have one with you.

Jorougumo shrugged. “I assumed one of your skill could manage regardless.”

Watanuki smiled coolly. “Even if I wished to, this one,” he indicated Doumeki, still glowering on the sidelines, “would finish it all as soon as I brought it home.”

“That one does insist on claiming everything that you possess,” Jorougumo’s gaze drifted leisurely along Watanuki’s slim form.

Watanuki’s smile became genuine. “He is greedy. But also generous in certain ways.”

“I’m right here.” Now Doumeki turned his intense gaze on Watanuki.

“Yes, you are.” Watanuki agreed. “And our tea and snacks are getting cold. Good day, madam.” Watanuki bowed to Jorogumo without spilling a drop of tea or allowing a morsel of food to slide out of place.

Doumeki stepped close to Watanuki, his thumb not-so-idly twisting the wooden ring on his index finger.
“Your manners are much lacking, shop-owner,” Jorogumi frowned, but she turned her back on them and let herself out the back gate.

Watanuki bent gracefully to set the tray on the porch, and the two men seated themselves.
“Are those shrimp shumai?” Doumeki asked, lifting a lid.

“Yes, and don’t eat all of them! Leave a few for me.”

Doumeki swiftly transferred five dumplings to his plate.

“Hey! That leaves me only three”

“I was being generous. Last time I left you two.” Doumeki popped a dumpling into his mouth.

Watanuki sighed, but with just the hint of a smile on his face. I wasn’t thinking about food when I said that, anyway…
Tags: doumeki/watanuki; fanfiction
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