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Deep Connection

I'd say you and Doumeki have a deep connection

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Xxxholic: the live-action series
DouWata Not Your Wife
ekaterin24 wrote in doumekiwatanuki
Sooo, who's seen the series?

I watched all 9 episodes (finally found them in English, though the Spanish fansubs were expanding my knowledge of the language). It was...different. I missed Mokona and several minor characters terribly, but for what it was it was pretty decent. Anne was a reasonably good Yuuko--flirty, mysterious, and she had that bit of sadness that makes Yuuko more than just another sexy flirty dominating witch. Maru and Moro were delightfully charming/creepy, and I loved the endings with them playing games with Watanuki and him being awkward/losing. Watanuki looked perfect, I thought, from his glasses to his pretty-while-still-slightly-awkward-and-nerdy face to his slimness in that classic uniform. He wasn't as awkward or flailing-and-shouting as anime/manga Watanuki, but that would not have gone over well in live action. Doumeki was...darn good-looking, and appropriately deadpan, though he talked more than anime/manga Doumeki. Himawari-chan, most people on the sites I've seen, seemed to be a two-dimensional cheery girl--until the last episode or two. I think she was trying too hard--her "mask" of happiness over her near-despair over her bad-luck self was not subtle enough.

One commenter on the Facebook page described the relationship between the three teens as: "Watanuki loves Himawari. Doumeki likes Watanuki." And another Donuts fan is born!! Really, I can see the live-action boys in slashy context so easily. Watanuki has the most kissable mouth, Doumeki is awesomely graceful in a controlled, Zen manner when drawing his bow, and, just, well, they're pretty darn true to previous versions and fit nicely with my fanon concept of the pair, at any rate.

Thoughts, criticisms, squees?

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I watched half of it, I thought Doumeki was great, and Watanuki looked the part, but he acted very un Watanuki to me. Watanuki is a very sweet person, and I think LA Watanuki was quite gruff, and less homebody, and his voice was a bit too deep. it was probably 50% the voice I didn't like as Jun Fukuyama is PERF as Watanuki. But there were some squee-ish 104 moments. Maybe I ought to finish it at some point.. but I couldn't handle how out of character some of it felt.

on the other side, they did the creepy horror pretty well.

Now that you mention it, I can see that Watanuki's sweetness and kindness was hardly there at all in the live action version. That's partly a victim of the short storyline--no room for the oden fox child, Zashiki Warashi, Kohane, and others Watanuki was so kind to.

Jun Fukuyama was excellent as Watanuki's VA (he's so versatile--I'm impressed with how he was also Lelouch in Code Geass, who is a very different sort of character!)

in short: not xxxHolic at all because of Watanuki if you ask me
in general it is not BAD for a live action with all the decorations and atmosphere but I would not recommend it to the fans, 'cause it is not the story we all love. there is nothing of Watanuki Kimihiro there. LA's "Watanuki" is whiny teary histerical spiteful self-pitying guy. really, that struck me, 'cause I don't see why anyone in the series would care for him and love him, that is not a story of a kind and charming character learning important things about people and the world around him. there is nothing there - neither kindness, nor charm, nor learning.

He had the visual look, and the interactions with Yuuko and Doumeki down reasonably well, but yeah, the subtleties were missing as well as the kindness. The series was mostly good for "seeing the characters come to life" but not as good as the anime and for me nothing will touch the manga, even with the screwed-up later parts. One thing that made me unhappy with the last couple of volumes was it seemed that all Watanuki's kindness went out the window, except for the way he treated Kohane and the little unborn soul (which is what makes me think he'd make an awesome father.)

I lovedlovedloved the choice of Higashide Masahiro as Doumeki. The changes to the storyline I was not very happy with but they had to try to hit the high points in 9 episodes wtf.

9 eps was flat-out insane but they did the best with that, plotwise. And Doumeki was just about spot-on. My favorite bits with him were:

1. The first time Doumeki takes out his bow at Yuuko's instruction and shoots the ghost attacking Watanuki. Beautiful, perfect movements in that sequence.
2. Watanuki and Himawari baking the cake. Watanuki yells at Doumeki for getting in the way, and Doumeki says in that flat, classic Doumeki way: "It's my kitchen"
3. Doumeki waiting for Watanuki by the hydrangea.

4. Doumeki going in to rescue Watanuki from Jorougumo.

The first 2 comments are everything I want to say.
I finished all 9 episodes just to delete them forever from my hard disk. And while Himawari's acting is plain and stiff and she makes non-fans who watched the series hated Himawari, it's definitely Watanuki who kill the series. I have watched a few movies/drama with that dude and he always has that hateful look on his face. Watanuki is supposed to be grumbly but sweeeeeeet, not a whinny pitiful guy. It's impossible to grow to love him like we did to manga's Watanuki.
Not very satisfied with Yuuko either, Anne has the look but not Junko's aura.
The only character who seems to have been done good is Doumeki, but because the series is short it's impossible to see his relationship with Doumeki grows deep, so sometimes his actions are unreasonable.

From the view of a regular audience, I don't think this drama is good either. Not recommended for anyone.

for what it was it was pretty decent.

That sums it up perfectly for me.

Edited at 2014-01-19 01:04 am (UTC)

I watched it a while ago and remembered liking it.

The casting was pretty good, especially for Yuuko :] and I was happy to see even a very brief moment of Watanuki and Doumeki on the screen forever (once a DouWata shipper, always a DouWata shipper xD).

That's one of the things I liked...Watanuki and Doumeki together on the screen, whether arguing or with Doumeki rescuing Watanuki, or just walking together.

I'm a fellow eternal DouWata shipper, still obsessing over the series at this point (and still writing fanfic, need to polish up and post one or two more).

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