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I'd say you and Doumeki have a deep connection

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Fic: The Incubi 2 of 2
lunargeography wrote in doumekiwatanuki
The Incubi: A Study in Agony or Ecstasy. Or Both.
Author: LunarGeography
Pairing: DoumekixWatanuki
Rating: Adults only
Warnings: Sex. Explicit sex. Yaoi sex. This fic was written in response to a request on the anonymous kink meme posted many moons ago, for tentacle fic. So tentacle sex ahead. If you are underage or do not want to read shameless boysex with tentacles, do not click. But everyone else... have a little faith in me, ok?
Summary: Watanuki encounters a monster of a rather different sort. Doumeki is not amused.

Rendered speechless by an epic clash of panic and desire, Watanuki scrabbled backwards, unaware that he was skinning his palms raw on the rough surface of the park path in his desperate attempt to flee. Several of the tentacles – dark red in color, flared heads, and god, he knew they hadn't been there even a moment ago, he'd had his hands over every inch of skin on Doumeki's torso – lengthened and moved toward him impossibly quickly. There was a burst of pain as gravel cut into Watanuki's left hand, as he pushed off, throwing himself to the right.

"Idiot!" A tentacle whipped around Watanuki's left wrist, and another wrapped around the upper part of the opposite arm. "You'll hurt yourself."

Watanuki stared in horrified – definitely horrified, not anything else – fascination at the tentacle, the very, very phallic tentacle, wrapped around his wrist. It was pulling Watanuki's hand up to Doumeki's – no, this could not possibly be Doumeki, even though it had looked like Doumeki, spoken like Doumeki, insulted him like Doumeki, shot chi arrows like Doumeki, even carried Doumeki's scent (not of course, that Watanuki was in any way familiar with such an intimate detail) – up for closer inspection.

Watanuki tried to pull his hand back. Damn it, distinctively phallic tentacles should not be so strong.

"Let me see what you've done to yourself this time."

It really sounded just like Doumeki.

"What..." Watanuki cleared his throat, hoped his voice could manage something that didn't resemble a squeak quite so much. "Who are you? What are you?"

The Couldn't-Be-Doumeki abandoned his perusal of Watanuki's wounded palm, and met Watanuki's gaze. The crease between his brows deepened further, and he sat back on his knees, no longer looming above Watanuki. "You know who I am."

"No." Even Watanuki could hear the lack of conviction in the word. "Doumeki doesn't have... those things. He's human."

Some of the aforementioned things had wrapped around Watanuki's back and shoulders in a phallic-octopus hug, and were rubbing long soothing stokes up and down his back. It.. felt nice. Calming, even though Watanuki couldn't help but notice that all the tentacles were still very firm, and still seemed very happy to see him. As did the bulge in Doumeki's briefs.

Watanuki was working extremely hard not to notice his own unflagging erection.

"Mostly human. My grandfather made... an alliance. Even he needed someone to watch his back." There was a pointed look, and a pause. "I take after both he and my grandmother."

The hugging tentacles were starting to focus their efforts on the nape of Watanuki's neck, which was exceedingly unfair. "You... you didn't have those before." Watanuki twisted his wrist to stroke one of 'those' and was rewarded by a sudden, sharp inhalation.

"I didn't need them before. I told you, I've been careful." Doumeki brushed the back of his fingers against Watanuki's cheek, and the hand that was so competent at wielding broomsticks and bows, thieving food with chopsticks and breaking into his apartment, catching him as he fell – that hand was shaking a little as it touched him.

Shaking. As it touched him.

Watanuki stroked the tentacle that held his wrist again.

"I don't want to be careful now."

"That is not how normal people ask a question, you jerk," said Watanuki, but there wasn't much actual rancor in it, because that wasn't how normal people answered, either. Anyone else, and that ambiguous 'careful' would have worried him, but this was Doumeki, whatever he was, and Doumeki had given half the sight of his right eye, much of the blood in his body, ten hours standing in the rain, and too much else to think of just to keep Watanuki safe and whole, and there was no way Doumeki would let him be hurt now.

An inchoate noise from deep inside the archer's chest, and the thick tentacles that had been hugging Watanuki wrapped more firmly around his torso, and were joined by others that wrapped around Watanuki's thighs, and they lifted him up, pulling him to straddle Doumeki's folded legs. There was that searing kiss again, a little less rough this time, and Doumeki's tongue was thrusting into his mouth. French kissing had always sounded unappealing to Watanuki, to be honest -- unsanitary and messy -- but in practice, those aggressive, exploratory forays were amazing, and he couldn't resist the urge to make his own.

Doumeki tasted of Watanuki's own cooking and of the perfect stillness of a hot summer day.

Watanuki whined as Doumeki took his mouth away too short a time later, and was soothed with closed-mouth kisses along his jawline, and warm licks and nips to his neck, and to that spot beneath Watanuki's ear that short-circuited his brain. So instead of demanding that Doumeki come back and kiss him like a man, the only sounds that came out of his mouth were long, drawn-out vowels.

That short-circuiting – all Doumeki's fault, every bit of it! -- was why Watanuki failed to notice a few pertinent details. When his still-captive wrist had been tugged into position for Doumeki to suckle his fingers, and then lifted so that Doumeki's oral explorations could continue up along the inside of his wrist and arm, for instance, it didn't really register that the hand hadn't ever been released. Watanuki was also somewhat fuzzy about when the other wrist had been similarly treated, the details lost in the almost-tickling sensation of Doumeki nuzzling the wispy hairs beneath his arm.

Watanuki had also failed to really register that Doumeki had not lowered his head to nip at Watanuki's collarbone, but had simply lifted Watanuki up a bit further, using the tentacles wrapped around Watanuki's torso and the ones that now bound Watanuki's wrists above his head. And Watanuki certainly wasn't going to pay attention to trivialities when Doumeki was flicking his tongue against Watanuki's nipple, especially when a slender, slick tentacle tip mirrored the action upon the other nipple. The sly expression revealed when Doumeki tilted his head to watch Watanuki's face as he leaned in to suck at the nipple – he sucked hard, a sensation so intense that Watanuki wasn't sure if it was pain or sharp, sharp pleasure -- should have been a sign that Doumeki had a wicked master plan in mind. Should have been a warning.

But there was only the slightest frisson of alarm running up Watanuki's spine, and maybe, just maybe, the nervous realization that Doumeki was fully in control here and had a definite agenda made Watanuki's blood burn just a little bit hotter.

In any case, Watanuki was entirely too caught up in the sliding sensation of tentacles against his skin as they spiraled up to his groin for any realization of the implications of having tentacles coiled around each of his legs -- until they'd lifted his thighs, pressing them almost up to his chest, and spread them wide. It was only then that Watanuki realized he was again suspended in the air above Doumeki's folded legs, limbs splayed, every hidden place of his body on display.

On display for Doumeki Shizuka, his rival and self-appointed bodyguard. Who was taking in the view with undisguised pleasure, and an entirely too-satisfied little smile on his lips and in his eyes.

"Is it some kind of --" Watanuki had to gasp as the tip of one of the tentacles danced along the hollow of his inner thigh, along the crease where thigh became groin, so close to where he wanted to be touched. "-- Some kind of incubus rule that you have to dangle people in the air in lewd poses --" The slick head of a tentacle brushing fleetingly against the equally slick head of Watanuki's erection dragged a noise up from deep in Watanuki's throat, but he was going to finish his complaint, come hell, high water, or embarrassing Doumeki-elicited noises. "-- Lewd poses for you to stare at?"

"Gives the best view." Doumeki's hands joined the fun, cupping Watanuki's ass, kneading, holding the cheeks apart, and Watanuki felt his face flame as he realized how close Doumeki was to -- Then a tentacle rubbed against his balls, and it wasn't where he most wanted to be rubbed against, but it was good, so very good, and then Watanuki struggled to buck his hips, to move closer, so his aching, throbbing cock could rub against something, anything, even for a moment. The tentacles were as strong and unyielding as the rest of Doumeki, though, and Watanuki was stretched out and restrained so that he could barely even writhe, barely twist, and his desperate cock touched nothing but air.

Something between a whine and a growl was coming out of his mouth, and it was making Doumeki look even more triumphantly smug.

Hell, no. Two could play at this game, and Doumeki seemed to have even more highly sensitive skin to play with than Watanuki did just now, assuming that all those tentacles were phallic in more than appearance. His fingers could just barely reach one of the thick shafts wound around his wrists, and he brushed his fingertips across it, and back again.

Doumeki's eyes widened a bit.

Watanuki did it again, and again, and the tentacle slithered up to meet his fingertips, eager for a firmer touch. He traced his fingers around the rim of the flared head, up and over the tip – there was a slit, and if the growing slickness was any indication, the tentacles were absolutely phallic in more than appearance.

Doumeki was breathing harder, but Watanuki wanted to see if he could get the taciturn bastard to make more noise. Having never tried anything like this before and never having had it done to him – never had an opportunity for either, okay, fine – he couldn't be sure, but if comments overheard in the locker room were anything to go by, this ought to get a satisfying reaction.

He twisted his neck awkwardly – he'd get a crick if he had to hold this position long – and licked the head of the tentacle that had been rubbing the spot beneath his ear.

The sharp, harsh inhalation was music to his ears. He licked again, and felt Doumeki's hands clench against his ass. And either he'd managed to gain a miraculous degree of extra flexibility or the tentacle was moving toward his mouth, because he was able now to take the head between his lips and suck.

This time he was rewarded with a undeniable, unmistakable groan. He straightened his neck, and the phallus followed, and while Watanuki wasn't terribly fond of the salty and slightly bitter taste it had acquired, the noise Doumeki was making, incomprehensible and guttural and primal, was better than anything he'd ever heard in his life. He sucked harder, and flicked his tongue against the suede-like skin.

If Doumeki continued those growling moans, Watanuki thought he might come just from knowing that he was the one driving Doumeki to make those sounds. He took the tentacle deeper, and while he wasn't able to suck as intensely and the whole process was getting both dribbly and noisy, Doumeki gave no sign of objecting in the least. The hands kneading his ass were gripping even more firmly, and the stroking of tentacles across his skin were becoming faster, firmer – less calculated, less controlled.

Good. It was very, very good, and the only thing that would be better would be to feel a touch against his own erection.

Then the tentacle slid out of his mouth and down his chin, tilting his head up. Doumeki's pupils were huge, the amber just a thin ring around the darkness, and his expression was searingly intense.


"What?" It was the first time Watanuki could remember using an interrogative as a curse.

"This isn't a game, idiot. Keep it up and I won't hold back."

"You arrogant ass! Do you think I'm stupid?" Doumeki didn't react to the insult. His expression was dead serious, and his lips were thin and pale from strain. Watanuki realized Doumeki was just barely keeping himself under control, and the realization both sent a chill up his back and made his cock twitch. The thought of what Doumeki would do if that control broke – would do to him, with all those tentacles and those hands, that mouth, that cock – was enough to make him a little nervous. And that fear turned him on more than anything else he'd ever encountered in his life.

"You – are you going to hurt me?" Watanuki tried to make his tone challenging, but it was too breathy, too shaky, to have succeeded.

Doumeki's cock twitched beneath his briefs, and the hands on Watanuki's ass flexed, and then Doumeki was biting his own lower lip. It took him a moment to still his body, and when he answered, his voice was rough. "No. Never. But there's a lot I've wanted to do to you. For a long time."

"We're outside. Anyone could --"

"No. There's a barrier. No one will see us." Doumeki's eyes were narrowed, and he looked dangerous. Feral. "No one will save you. Not from me."


Watanuki ducked his head, and sucked the tentacle back into his mouth.

The noise that Doumeki made had Watanuki bucking his hips desperately, and dipping his head to take even more of the length into his mouth. It was too much, and he had to pull back and cough. Doumeki leaned forward then to brush kisses over his cheeks, at the corner of their shared eye, against his neck. Then Doumeki shifted position to yank his briefs down his thighs.

Dear god, Doumeki's cock was as long and thick as he'd feared – ok, maybe hoped, and if he was an incurable pervert for the rest of his life, it was all Doumeki's fault -- it would be. Watanuki stared at the thick shaft that curved a little to the left, the wet head protruding from the foreskin, the dark purple color. Then one of Doumeki's tentacles took hold of his chin, and tilted his head up for another kiss – and other tentacles pulled Watanuki's body in closer, and oh, god, Doumeki's cock rubbed up against his cock, and it was so good. Watanuki bucked his hips, getting as much motion as he could, just to feel his cock moving against Doumeki's. He wanted more contact, not just this teasing momentary slide of shaft against shaft, but he was held too far away to rub himself against the broad, hard surface of Doumeki's belly, and he would take whatever touch against his cock he could get.

The phalluses that bound his wrists re-arranged themselves, and the heads were rubbing against his fingers. He couldn't move his hands to stroke them properly, but he wrapped his fingers around the tentacles and let them thrust against his grip. It was enough, apparently, as one of them pulsed and coated his hand with warm wetness – and was almost immediately replaced by another.

Watanuki realized his nipples were being caressed again, and tentacles rubbed against his balls and along the sensitized skin of his thighs. Doumeki dragged his fingernails down Watanuki's back, sending waves of goosebumps out from where they touched, and then each hand took a firm grasp of a cheek, and pulled them apart.

A draft of cool air against his opening made Watanuki realize how exposed he was now, and he felt a surge of embarrassed heat across his skin. Doumeki broke the kiss – really, it was more of a mutual devouring than a proper kiss – and tentacles pulled Watanuki's body back and up, spread his raised thighs a little further, and tilted him just so.

A tentacle lifted his balls, and Watanuki realized that Doumeki was staring down at... at his... at his asshole.

The near-incendiary blush returned and his stomach clenched in trepidation. He'd known this was what guys did to each other, realized that Doumeki was going to fuck him, and abstractly knew that meant Doumeki would be pushing himself inside that opening. But that abstract understanding was a different thing entirely from Doumeki holding him open and staring so hungrily between Watanuki's legs – and having such a damn big erection as he did it!

The touch of a smooth tentacle head between his cheeks had him jerking involuntarily, trying to pull away from the contact. Not that it was possible, the way that he was pinioned. Damn it, damn it, damn damn damn. He was not going to act like some high-strung nervous virgin. Nope. Wasn't going to get all tense and twitchy over this. He stared off to the side fixedly, as he tried to convince his body of this fact.


He was not going to look at Doumeki. He was not nervous, and there was absolutely no call for a long, steady look and reassuring words, so Watanuki was just going to keep looking off to the side.

Stupid tentacles.

They tilted his chin up, and he had to look when Doumeki said his name a second time. His lower lip was absolutely not trembling as Doumeki continued. "It'll be all right. Just feel."

Doumeki continued staring straight into his eyes as the tentacle began to rub up and down his crevice, making no move to enter him. Just stroked over the skin, slowly, steadily, slickness from the head making the sliding easy. And it felt... good.

It wasn't supposed to feel good, having something rubbing over his asshole like that, but Watanuki was finding that it was a really, really sensitive spot. Touching there didn't create the sharp tingling line of pleasure that went straight from his skin to his groin he got when Doumeki played with his nipples. It was slow-building warmth, somehow fuzzy and relaxing, even as the desire to come was building up again -- after having taken a momentary break due to panic. Watanuki rocked his hips, and the tentacles let him move this time, let him guide the slow caresses into more of a thrusting between his cheeks. Not entering him, not yet, but pressing more firmly against his opening, rubbing just a little bit at the even more sensitive skin at his rim.

Watanuki liked that, liked it a great deal – and Doumeki seemed to like it as well, speeding up his thrusts, making them a little harder. Watanuki was watching as the archer's face went slack, eyes rolling back a moment as he expelled a shuddering breath and the tentacle spurted wet warmth.

There could not be a more arousing combination of sight and sound in the universe. And he'd hit himself later for thinking something so cheesy.


Because now a new tentacle – this one felt more slender than the others – was flicking back and forth over his now thoroughly-lubricated ass. The tentacle was pressing in circles along the edge, pressing harder, playing at the very lip of his entrance, then easing back to feather-light touches.

Watanuki wanted that touch, that firm touch, along his rim. Inside his rim, to see if the inside was just as sensitive as the outside. He wanted to feel that slender tentacle rubbing in and out, against all of that unexpectedly sensitive skin. The next time the touch became firm, he thrust his hips down, and felt it slide effortlessly into his ass.

The slide in felt as good as he'd expected. It was strange, once it was inside him, to feel something holding him open, and he lifted his hips up and away. The the slide out was just as humiliatingly sensual. It really was a thin tentacle; it felt like maybe it was the width of Watanuki's pinky.

"Again." Watanuki would have been embarrassed at the breathy quality to his voice, but Doumeki's eagerness to comply with his order – for once! -- took the sting away. Again, a slow, shallow thrust, in and out, stroking against his inside walls. Again, and again.

He really wasn't supposed to like this so much, was he? There were words for guys who liked this...

And this time the tentacle went in, and stayed in. His ass spasmed around it, and Doumeki moaned a long exhalation, and trembled, but stayed still, buried inside him. Watanuki's internal muscles twitched a few more times, as his entrance tried to adapt to being held open.

"Ok?" Doumeki's voice had never sounded so raw. Watanuki could only nod in return – his own voice seemed to have traitorously abandoned him.

Doumeki's tentacle thrust deeper, then eased back without leaving Watanuki's body. Then Doumeki thrust again, going deeper, and suddenly the languorous sensations of being entered were overwhelmed by a jolt of pleasure that burst from deep within him to tingle warmth through Watanuki's whole body. And his voice seemed to have returned, at full volume.

Then Doumeki did it again, and Watanuki's hips were moving to meet the thrust, impatient, searching for that fiery explosion of pleasure again. And Doumeki gave it to him. They moved together, gracelessly at first, then more smoothly as Watanuki learned at just what angle, at what moment, to push down to maximize the pleasure. After a few minutes, the tentacle went rigid and pulsed inside him, delightfully warm, and Watanuki was going make an observation on the unfairness of the situation – all the coming had been on Doumeki's side, and the need to come was building steadily inside Watanuki – when the spent tentacle slid out and he felt two more begin to probe at his entrance.

"Will they --" He felt an utter moron for even asking, but they seemed wider than the first, just a little wider, but there were *two* of them! "—will they fit?"

"Yes. Oh, yes."

They did. The entry stung, and he had to wriggle a little and the tentacles had to change the angle of entry so they didn't press uncomfortably against his inner walls – but Doumeki alternated the thrusts between the tentacles, and those bursts of pleasure were coming even more frequently, and now Watanuki needed to come, needed to come so badly. There were tentacles stroking his nipples again, and Watanuki wasn't sure when that had re-started, but all the sensation was overwhelming him.

Damn, was he going to come just from the feel of Doumeki inside him and having his nipples rubbed?

He was almost certain the answer was yes, when the tentacle that was still wrapped around his balls pulled them away from his body. It didn't hurt, but Watanuki snarled all the same. Because even though the need to come -- the sensation of being on just on the verge, almost, almost, so close! -- was still just as strong, he couldn't come. Not with them held like that.

"Not yet."

"Bastard..." Watanuki let it trail off into a moan.

"Need to stretch you... more..."

The tiny part of his brain that wasn't completely busy processing all the sensory input wondered if he *could* stretch more. The two phalluses inside him were good, but he felt extremely stretched already – his hole felt like it was wide open accommodating what he already had.

Then a third pushed inside, and Watanuki was convinced he was going to split right up the middle. This was too much, it wasn't good, and he opened his mouth to say so – then another tentacle wrapped around his cock and there were no words. Noises, an abundance of noises, but no words. Either his entrance stopped hurting, or he was no longer able to feel anything except the pressure moving up and down his cock, the thrusts deep inside his body, the constant sliding of tentacles through his entrance. It was too much, terrifying, overwhelming, wonderful, and he never wanted it to stop and he'd die if he couldn't come, and the bastard still had his balls pulled out from his body.

There was the pulsing warmth inside of him, more than once, and the tentacles slid out. Doumeki positioned Watanuki over his cock – finally! -- and carefully lowered Watanuki's body. It was beyond slow, the entry, as Doumeki eased in centimeter by centimeter. Watanuki twisted and bucked, wanting to feel Doumeki's cock deep inside of him, wanting to feel that explosion of pleasure again, but the tentacles that were wound around his body tightened, taking away all Watanuki's freedom of movement. He strained against them, but Doumeki would not budge.

His face, though, as he impaled Watanuki with torturous deliberation, was a study in agony or ecstasy – or both. Eyes closed, lips tight, jaw clenched – Doumeki was torturing himself as much as Watanuki. Watanuki wanted to touch the archer, wanted to feel the tendons that stood out in sharp relief along his neck. Wanted to lick at the sweat – and even the liquid that wasn't sweat – that dotted Doumeki's chest and forehead. There damn well was going to be a next time, when he'd get to do all the exploring and teasing he damn well pleased.

Then Doumeki's cock went deep enough to set off the molten explosions of pleasure, and Watanuki flung his head back, the only motion he had available to release the overwhelming sensation, and he couldn't watch the archer's expression any more. But he could hear the panting, feel the hands and tentacles on his body shaking as that last centimeter slid in, and he could feel Doumeki's balls pressed against his skin.

Doumeki started to move him, sliding Watanuki's body up and down on that thick cock. He pulled Watanuki's head in close for kissing, but there was too much motion, making teeth meet lips with painful force, and neither of them were willing to remain stationary long enough to kiss without damage. Watanuki considered taking a tentacle into his mouth again, but didn't trust himself not to use his teeth in his distraction.

It was all about sensation, about the building, inescapable need to come. Somehow the tentacles that bound him helped center him, in the typhoon of sensation. He pulled against them, and they were solid and reassuring, an anchor, and damn it, did this mean he had a thing for bondage?

"More... just a little more," whispered Doumeki, and Watanuki didn't think he could take much more. Then the archer changed his rhythm, to a sharper, harder lunge up and in, a gentler, rolling withdrawal, and the tentacle released Watanuki's balls, and it felt like the terrifying first moment of free-fall on a roller-coaster, or like a firework had to feel as it exploded, as he finally came.

Watanuki's toes would be cramping for the next few days from the force with which they were curled; his back would ache from the degree of arch he achieved. So much better than anything he'd achieved touching himself. Worth – damn it – worth all the waiting Doumeki had forced upon him.

He was just beginning to come down from where he was floating when he felt Doumeki stiffen. Watanuki was pulled in close to the archer's body, chest pressed to chest, and Watanuki's legs wrapped around Doumeki's torso. Arms and tentacles wound around him in the tightest embrace, cradling the seer, covering him, almost creating a barrier of Doumeki-flesh around Watanuki, to keep the world out.

And the description of the noise Doumeki made as he came was something that Watanuki would never, ever share with another soul. It was Watanuki's alone to treasure.

They were definitely going to do this again.



Doumeki ran the damp washcloth over the last of Watanuki's skin, and gently patted him dry with a towel. He wasn't sure if Watanuki had passed out or fallen into an exhausted sleep after their lovemaking, but as his heartbeat was slow and regular, Doumeki wasn't concerned.

He'd garnered more odd looks carrying Watanuki back to the shrine than usual. Watanuki's clothes had sustained less damage then in some of the battles they'd fought against malicious spirits, and most of that was in the front, hidden from sight as he carried the other piggyback. Neither of them was bleeding, his tentacles had subsided , and his own clothing was entirely undamaged. The strange looks had to be due to the scent of sex that clung to the two of them.

They didn't trouble him particularly. It would take a great deal to trouble him right now. He'd taken his lover to the shrine, to his room, laid Watanuki down on his futon, and cleaned the two of them up as best he could without actually dragging them both into the bath, which seemed too much trouble to go to at the moment. There was no question of going to Watanuki's apartment. Watanuki was not going to be out of his sight in the next few days, and he wanted to keep the seer on the warded grounds of the temple for as much of that time as he could manage. Watanuki was too attractive, both physically and spiritually. That other incubus would be back – his chi arrow hadn't destroyed it, just scattered its energies. His arrows didn't have the power required to banish a full-blooded incubus for any length of time.

Well, they hadn't before now.

Doumeki basked in the feeling of satisfaction. The amount of chi Watanuki generated was amazing, and the idiot had been as generous with his power as he was with everything else he possessed. Doumeki half-expected his own skin to be glowing from the spiritual energy coursing through him after their lovemaking. Watanuki was already regenerating the energy – it was much of the reason for the deep sleep. Doumeki would see to it that Watanuki slept safely for as long as necessary.

He laid down next to Watanuki, pulled the quilt over them both, and the other curled against him with an incomprehensible murmur. He wrapped his arm around Watanuki's waist, and let his palm rest on his lover's lower back, right above the curve of Watanuki's ass.

Let his palm rest directly on top of the dark marking – rather like a tattoo – in the shape of an eye – that now decorated that patch of his lover's skin.

Watanuki was going to throw a fit when he saw it. It should prove to be very entertaining.


My faithful beta, badmovie wrote me an omake for this, for Talk Like a Pirate Day. He would like you to know the nautical terms and shanty are all real, at least according to Wikipedia. And to make sure I had something to post. For your enjoyment:

....krzzzzhttttt .... begin pirate transmission ........

The tentacles was whirlin' and buzzin' around like a Saint Elmo's fire on a bad night, and make ye no mistake, Watanuki's heart was banging in his chest. He struggled some against those what was restraining him, stumbling a little as his land legs tried to keep him steady against a sea swell that wasn't. No, t'were the truth that the only thing a-swelling were inside Watanuki's breeches, or would have been if he weren't wearing none, but he tried ter keep his mind off of that, as well as them tentacles. They couldn'ta corresponded directly ta any o' Doumeki's limbs, because there was no eyepatch on any of them, nor wooden bits, nor thank Neptune any hooks.

"I find this not be to my likin'," Watanuki said, as more of them blasted tentacles came round and wrapped themselves round his extremity-bits, exceptin' the wooden one which fell onto the rocks as the tentacles lifted Watanuki into the air, in a sort of vertical spread-albatross. "It's rather constrictin', and the breeze be cold upon my pirate parts."

In truth, the breeze was pleasant and Watanuki felt his own self to be warmin' unfortunately as the restrictiveness was more enjoyable than he had ever of thought it might be, and none of them tentacles looked to be as painful as a floggin'.

As usual, that old scalawag Doumeki didn't say much, just give a look into Watanuki's eye that left no doubt what was a-going to happen nor that Watanuki would enjoy it more than he regretted it, even if only by a little. The ghost of Doumeki's last parrot perched on his shoulder, and laughed that horrible screech at Watanuki. "You've tasted rum," shrieked the ex-parrot. "You've tasted the lash."

It looked like it might of said more, but a tentacle whipped through the space where the dead parrot was, and it looked annoyed and flew off. It always were a temperamental beast.

Them tentacles were actual kinda warm against Watanuki's skin, and the flush was for sure and overpowering. Doumeki smiled, and started to shanty. As he did so, some of the tentacles which looked like other things what Watanuki was refusin' to consider, they started to sway, and he found his eyes drawn to the dancing tentacles even as he could feel some of the other ones shifting down belowdecks.

It were called "Sugar in the Hold," and although Doumeki sang it wrong, Watanuki found he couldn't bring it on himself to issue the correction. And after, Doumeki bein' senior seaman, 'tweren't his place.

"Hey, ho, below, below," Doumeki chanted, tentacles still whizzin' and swayin' and Watanuki could feel them slithering around past his nipples there, almost in time to the beat. "Stowing sugar in the hold below," that one almost grazed the underside of Watanuki's mains'l, and he gasped. Doumeki frowned, it sounded too much like a whistle, bad luck, Watanuki shut his mouth tight as one of them tentacles dipped itself forwards.

Doumeki continued, "Hey," nipple, "ho," nipple, "below," graze, "below," graze, "Stowing sugar in the hold below." And a firm stroke from base to rigging. Watanuki twitched and even shuddered some, mateys, but he didn't make noise this time.

"Watanuki, she's my new boat," and he could a sweared that one of the blasted warm (so warm) things kissed him on the forehead. He might have thought somethin' funny of that if he coulda thought straightly now, but his mind was blowing loose in the breeze, tacking about like a small craft trying to advance in the face of a mighty gale.

"Stem to stern she's mighty fine," and it mighta been one or it mighta been many, but Watanuki was stroked from mainsail to mizzen, fo'c'scle to fantail. Watanuki shuddered some more, and another one of them involuntary gasps escaped his pursed lips. It weren't a whistle, but it drew immediate attention.

"Beat any boat on the Hitsuzen line," one of them tentacles just slipped itself into Watanuki's mouth and it kinda of tasted like applejack, but with a hint of somethin' more musky in there. Like the difference betwixt sugar and molasses. This was the darker stuff, stronger, and as it laid there on Watanuki's startled tongue, it beat to the tune of Doumeki's heart. Or something deeper.

"Stowing sugar in the hold below," another good stroke from aft to fore, and Watanuki felt a gentle pressure near his stern seam. He shivered down to his very timbers.

....krackkkkle .... pirate transmission ends ........

.... Incubus!Doumeki breaks my brains. I have yet to ascertain if it's in a good way, or a bad way, except now I'm suddenly feeling fond of tentacle sex.

Also. d00d. @ pirate sex.

I can live with brain breaking. After all, it is the nature of tentacles to make you like them while leaving you horrified that you like them. Thanks for the comment!

ZOMG, with all the p0rn and PWPs floating around, why hasn't there been more tentacle!sex?

Thanks for this awesome example--who'd of thunk? Doumeki a sex demon! XDDD

Errr.... because other authors have enough propriety not to go there? *grins*

I'm very glad you enjoyed!

♥ ♥ ♥ Once again - this was great. In spite of tentacles. *grin* Watanuki really is going to pitch a fit when he sees that tattoo.

Thank you!

Doumeki:"Oi. It was great because of the tentacles."

Watanuki flails and sputters.

Oh, I'm so glad that it was Real?Doumeki and not some poser. XD
Loved every bit of it.

Thanks! I was afraid I'd be lynched for turning Doumeki into a tentacle monster.

...he was going to finish his complaint, come hell, high water, or embarrassing Doumeki-elicited noises.


Oh, God. Now I want fanart. I. WANT. ART. *dies*

Watanuki's like a cranky Pony Express -- nothing can keep his compliants from being delivered!

"phallic octopus hug" was one of those phrases that I oculdn't believe I was writing, yet insisted upon being written.

And while I can write, I cannot draw at all. Someone else will have to do the art. Then we can stare at it together in horrified delighed fascination.

thank god for insomnia

i've just wiped my keyboard of all the blood i've lost and have to tell you that THAT WAS SO FREAKING AWESOME. i ususally run away from tentacles fics (but i have a bondage kink go fig) but there was just enough bondage to make me glad that i'm up now to read this fic and not at work (where i normally do my reading). God sex demonDomeki, why hasn't anyone (that i've found) done it before.

Re: thank god for insomnia

Tentacles and bondage go together so well, like chocolate and peanut butter!

And there is just not enough donuts bondage fic. It's tragic.

God sex demonDomeki, why hasn't anyone (that i've found) done it before.

I really and truly expected a mob to come after me with torches and pitchforks for turning Doumeki into a tentacle monster. I'm quite happy that hasn't happened. Thanks for commenting!

(Deleted comment)
*takes out binoculars*

No, no mob of infuriated Doumeki defenders has arrived. Yay!

No hurry. It's not much changed. Just given a small facelift.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

this is the best damn piece of tentacle sex i've read!!! no kink goes unread! i gotta admit, you threw me off making doumeki a sex demon, but the sex is so damn hot i don't care!!

the epilogue got me next - kinda set up for more - but them i'm not one to read fantrans. ^^'

this is the best damn piece of tentacle sex i've read!!!

I'll take it as a compliment, though you could be damning me with faint praise! *laughs*

I really did expect a mob with torches and pitchforks at my door for making Doumeki into somethng out of La Blue Girl, but so far no one has objected. It's amazing.

I do have some notions about where this might go next. Thanks for commenting!

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
*agrees with seizansha* Yup yup, best tentacle sex I've ever read! There's a tentacle sex scene for every fandom, really (no one can resist the kink!), and ours is damn good! 8D *wipes the drool*
Can we hope for a sequel? Please?

A sequel is not impossible. I have some notions in that direction...

And thanks so much for ocmmenting! (And for all the pictures you post, which help with the inspiration a great deal.)


I...must...have...more!!! This is fantabulous. It took me a minute to make sure I knew what the scene was at the start but WAH the SMEX!! I sense the approach of a series of "life with the incubus" fics...(please?!).

Your icon made me laugh!

I dont' know about a whole series, but there are definite plot bunnies for a sequel... Watanuki is not willing to let Doumeki get the last word.

wow this was so hot, i usually don't read tentacles fic, but this one was good, all smex and Doumeki being the demom sex, it makes want him even more. Great fic.
This is one of the few where the entire chapter is well describing the smex withou adding fillers

...I don't usually write tentacle fic! But I was egged on.

I'm very glad you liked it!

Verrrrrry nice. >:D Very nice indeed. I have a bit of a thing for not-rape tentacle porn, and oh... HEE HEE HEE this was so very, very lovely. >:D

Watanuki is about to become the bossiest tentacle-uke in the history of ever, isn't he. XD

Watanuki is about to become the bossiest tentacle-uke in the history of ever, isn't he. XD

Without a doubt. And the noisiest.

And Doumeki would never, no matter the provocation, do anything against Watanuki's will. Ever. But he can be awfully persuasive.

Thanks for commenting!


I'm in shock. Good shock, but shock. *.*

It is kind of brain-breaking, isn't it?

*offers you a cookie*

Thanks for reading!

OMG you have no idea how much I love you right now. I read the first one and was like, "how could that not be Doumeki?!" And so you made me happy. The tentacle-things were a bit freaky (how many does he have?) but I'm open-minded and kept reading. XD

And the tattoos= smexy love! Doumeki is the 100-eyed demon after all, so it suits him. ;) I'd want to see Watanuki's reaction to that.

Although I don't really understand how he's an incubus. His 'grandma' was one?


Oh, it was definitely Doumeki. His grandma was a succubus -- who seduced Haruka and got the tables turned on her. There's more backstory floating in my head which may eventually get written. Along with Watanuki's reaction to being marked.

The tentacle-things were a bit freaky (how many does he have?)
As many as is convenient? He only grows them when he choses to.

And I'm so glad you got the 100-eyed demon tie-in with Shizuka's incubus mark! Cookies for you!


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