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still_ciircee wrote in doumekiwatanuki
Title: Unexpected
Author: Ciircee
Rating: Pretty darn G.
Summary: I can't really sum up 600 words worth of Donuts. Just read it. You know you want to.

Disclaimer: CLAMP? CLAMP could do this with them, one day, right? Yes? Please?
Dedication: To Chelle-sama, Meg, and Amy. Just because they are evil twinses.


Watanuki was staring at him. Staring so intently that it felt almost like a physical presence against his skin. It was distracting and it was strange and it was fascinating. Watanuki rarely even looked at him directly, let alone stared. There was probably something on his face. “What?” he asked, turning to pin Watanuki’s gaze with his own.

“Nothing!” Watanuki looked away.

“Mm.” Doumeki looked down at his lunch. There wasn’t anything drippy or messy in it. Still…he rubbed the back of his hand quickly over his mouth. The movement had, apparently, drawn Watanuki’s eyes back to him because he could feel the other boy’s eyes on him again. “Is there food on my face?” he asked.

“No.” Watanuki blinked at him, eyes drifting down to his mouth before snapping back up.

It was the look that did it. “Well, what then?” he asked exasperatedly.

“It’s nothing!” Watanuki gave him a big-eyed look. “I just…” he looked away. Back. Away. Again. “It’s nothing.”

Doumeki stared at him. Watanuki’s eyes darted down to his mouth and then up to a point somewhere around the treetops before coming back. “Look,” he sighed, “whatever it is could you just…” and he gestured vaguely at himself.

“You want me to just…” and Watanuki made several bizarre hand motions.


Watanuki made an abortive move towards him. Then stopped and muttered something under his breath. “Close your eyes.”

“Beg your pardon?” Doumeki raised one eyebrow. Watanuki’s eyes darted hither and fro like a hummingbird.

“Close your eyes,” he repeated. “Otherwise you’ll look at me.”

Doumeki rubbed idly at the corner of his mouth as Watanuki’s eyes briefly settled there. “I’m looking at you now,” he reminded him.

“That’s not what I meant.” Watanuki made a sound like an irate cat. “If I’m going to…” he made a back-and-forth motion between them “I’ll have to be close. To you. And I…well. I won’t if you’re looking at me.”

“I don’t…” Doumeki made a noise that he told himself was not an irritated huff. “Fine.” He closed his eyes and waited.

The air around him seemed to shift and change as Watanuki leaned in to his personal space. He felt a hand settle lightly, hesitantly, on his shoulder and he supposed that it was for balance or stability as Watanuki came close enough that he could feel his breath on his face. A second light touch against his cheek prompted him to turn his head a little more, duck it down just a bit. There was a faint, warm pressure at the corner of his mouth and Doumeki opened his mouth to ask ‘is it gone now’ when something occurred to him.

Quite possibly, Watanuki did not have three hands.

He barely managed to suck in a quick breath before that touch at the corner of his mouth (which was somehow, impossibly, Watanuki’s mouth) moved to cover his parted lips. The touch was still soft, very tentative, and so very much a first kiss sort of touch. No finesse, no clue, just lips pressing carefully against his own. It was strange and it was distracting and it was fascinating. Doumeki grabbed Watanuki’s hand, fingers curling tightly around his wrist, needing something to hold onto as his world shifted on its axis, slipped off, and went into a stunning, weightless freefall.

“Sorry…I thought…” Watanuki wrenched himself back and Doumeki had the feeling that, had he not been holding onto him, he would have bolted. “And I thought you thought…so I thought…”

Doumeki tugged slightly, just enough to make Watanuki stumble to a halt. “If I keep my eyes closed,” he murmured hoarsely, “if I don’t open them at all, can I kiss you back?”

He didn’t get an answer, just the soft, sweet weight of a mouth against his own.

A second kiss.

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Go and post this to xxxENTRIC :D, please?

sweet, and hey three hands XD Doumeki is so clueless in this one ^^

This is awesome and sweet. I absolutely love that Watanuki initiated it (kind of...). It's sent me into a puddle of sweet, sappy goo. Lovely!

Clueless Watanuki is good... but somehow, Clueless Doumeki is even better. :D So cuuute!

It was so totally adorable et wonderful :O

The description of the kiss is incredibly adorable, and the second -I have a thing for second kisses- and the shy and clueless Watanuki, and Domeki's so IC and ... damn, I loved it to death, definitely adding it in my memories <3

Awesome and totally squee-worthy fic ^_^ Thanks!! So cute...

^_^ SO MUCH LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honestly, this alone could fund a whole WEEK of bliss. <3

I am not living. You have killed me dead.

Aww i'm on the verge of tears of happiness

I love this fic :) It's one of the few I've found where Watanuki actually initiates something with Doumeki. This fandom needs more of that...or I need to learn how to look for it.

Amazing job, it's so sweet and quiet - just perfect. :D

I can point you to some, by the same author. Some of her stuff seems to have been in a journal that was deleted, and some of it friend-locked, but the rest is available for reading, awesome, juicy, quite often smutty, and features an amazing Watanuki and a delightful Doumeki. *____*

(why, yes, I'm checking that stuff as we speak. Why do you ask? *blinks innocently*)


I'M SO LUCKY TO KNOW YOU! T_T (happy tears) Please link me, if it's not too much trouble.

(All the better, especially if you share.)

Gee, you flatter me. -^_^-

well, the link to the author's memories is

but be warned that most of them are not available to be read, and the rest... well, it takes a bit of skill. You see, ciircee is a master of porn-fu, meaning that she sometimes sneaks into other people's posts and posts a delightful bit of smut (occasionally fluff) masquerading as a comment. So you'll have to scroll down a bit in some cases.
Don't despair if you find broken links (I know I did)... it seems the journal where she previously posted died, and with it, the stories that were in there...

(I collected most seperate bits of porn-fu in a single file for ease of reading, though, I could send them to you if you wish)

I only speak the truth!

Thanks so much for the link!

I have read some of Ciircee's porn-fu, she is indeed a master of it! I like to read the comments other readers post anyway XD

Awww, that really is too bad. :(

(I would throw myself to your feet in worship if you would share!)

done! check your mailbox. ^^

This is ridiculously after the fact, but just to say that I love this to bits :-) Here via random surfing.

So awkward and sweet *and* Watanuki takes the initiative! This is really wonderful.

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