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Fic: Ran
bought the airline
still_ciircee wrote in doumekiwatanuki
Hi, everyone! First, I want to thank you all for the great reviews you left on my first story; I can't say how much it meant to see all the positive feedback. If I could find you and hug you all, I probably would. Though...for the sheer fun of it...I might send Watanuki out to do it instead. ~.^

Second: I wrote some semi-crack for hydr0phobia because...well...because she's going to have to write a lot of fic for our boys and she promised that she'd have one posted yet this weekend. Sources tell me that it's already up, so I was much with the 'yay' and thought I should hand out a reward, such as it is.

Disclaimer: CLAMP.

Dedication: To hydr0phobia. Because she said she'd post some Donut goodness this weekend. And to chelle_sama who told me to go with the idea.

Note: Assuming that the boys are between fourteen and sixteen in the manga (does anybody have a concrete age? Anybody?) this takes place a year or so in the future for them.

Edit: For those of you who don't know what a water orchid is, have a look.


Doumeki was half-way across the lawn on his way to sweep out the temple, his usual Saturday afternoon chore, when he realized that Watanuki was stretched out, face-down, beneath the maple tree. He dropped the broom he was holding and changed course. He paused uncertainly next to the fluttering grocery bags that had caught his attention. “Oi,” he said after a minute.

Watanuki rolled over. “It’s too hot to keep running,” he muttered, his eyes closed.

“Ah.” Since the other boy hadn’t yet told him to leave, Doumeki sat down beside him on the grass. “Is there something that you needed me for?” he asked, studying Watanuki closely.

“No, there’s no job,” Watanuki answered quietly. “It’s just too hot to keep running, so I decided to stop here until it goes away.”

Doumeki choose his next words carefully. “Did you want me to walk you to wherever it is that you’re going?” He knew very well that Watanuki didn’t have work today, which was usually his only reason for being in his section of town, and he was curious as to what had drawn him over.

Watanuki’s eyes opened briefly and then he looked away and closed them again. “No. It’s only Yuuko’s lunch. It’s early yet, so it can wait.”

But you don’t have work today, Doumeki thought, staring at him and wishing that he could stare through him and into his thoughts.

“Quit staring,” Watanuki muttered, sounding cross. “I didn’t bring any for you.”

Doumeki blinked. “I…”

“The temple isn’t going to sweep itself,” his mother’s voice carried across the hot, still air with enough warning in it to make him wince.

“Stay here,” he ordered Watanuki before getting to his feet and jogging over to his mother, standing in the open door of the house. “Watanuki is here,” he told her, automatically taking the can of root-beer that she was holding out to him. “I’ll sweep the temple when he leaves.” His mother gave him a long, inscrutable look; the sort of look designed to make a son squirm. “Really.”

His mother shook her head with a sigh. “You can invite your friend into the house, if you’d like,” she told him, turning away and going into the kitchen.

Doumeki walked back to the boy on his lawn, looking like some Puck asleep beneath the maple tree, and was actually grateful for his mother’s interruption. The quickest way to rile Watanuki was to ask him something that he didn’t want to answer or point out something that he didn’t want pointed out; such as ‘I thought you didn’t have work today’. And he liked this quiet Watanuki, whom he almost never saw. He sat cautiously close; he thought about offering out the can of soda, but since offering Watanuki anything of his was akin to asking a sea urchin if it wanted to come out on to dry land and kiss a porcupine, he didn’t. He cracked the lid and took a drink, because he really had nothing to say.

Watanuki sat up. “That was your mother?” he asked.

“Yes. The temple can wait.” He nearly dropped the soda can when Watanuki’s hand brushed his, warm fingers lacing against his own for a moment.

Then the can was gone, lifted away. “What does she call you?” he asked, his voice strangely magnified by the aluminum can as he took a drink.

He had to swallow before he answered. “Shizuka.”

“Hm. And your father?”

There were certain conditions that might make the sea urchin more likely to kiss the porcupine, he thought retrieving the root-beer. “Shizuka,” he said, sipping carefully at the edge. “My grandfather called me the same,” he answered the question before it was asked, putting the can back into Watanuki’s hand, deliberately leaving trails of cool condensation on his skin. “What did your parents call you?”

Watanuki looked at him. Not a glare or an irritated glance, just a look, simple and deep.

“You must have been thinking about it, to ask,” he said, trying to be comforting or open or approachable and feeling like he was failing miserably. He looked away and shrugged awkwardly. “That’s all.”

“I was lonely today,” Watanuki said, surprising him into looking back. An annoyed frown wrinkled his forehead, “Don’t look like that. You’re the only person that I ever talk to.”

Doumeki opened his mouth and closed it again when no words came. “There’s…” he trailed off uncertain if he wanted to say either Yuuko’s name or Himawari’s.

Watanuki rolled his eyes. “Yuuko is,” he gestured vaguely with one hand, “Yuuko. And Himawari-chan is…too light? Too light. So when I want to talk about things like this, you’re the one who has to hear them.” Doumeki looked away again as Watanuki rolled the root-beer can against his cheek. “It’s too hot to do this.”

The can bumped the side of his hand and he took it without thinking. “I know,” he said, meaning both things that Watanuki had said. He pressed the can against his neck before taking a drink and handing it back again.

Watanuki didn’t take it right away and Doumeki was caught in the blue eyes, open and unwaveringly bright behind the clear glass of his lenses. “They called me ‘honey’,” he said quietly, pronouncing the English word carefully.

There seemed to be no end to the number of cute things that Watanuki’s parents had gifted him with. “Honey,” he repeated, suppressing a smile.

“If you laugh, I’m going to pour the rest of this root-beer over your head.”

“No, no,” Doumeki found that he really was close to laughter. “It’s just that now you’ll be making me lunch forever.”



“Oh, I should—”

What Watanuki felt he ‘should’ Doumeki didn’t find out. A soft voice, humming with laughter, stopped them both. “My, my, so many good things for me today.”

“Grandma? What are you doing?”

His grandmother lifted the broom that he’d dropped earlier. “The temple will not sweep itself,” she said smiling. She pressed her hand to the top of his head when he started to scramble to his feet. “No, you stay. It’s good to have work to do and it makes me very happy to see my little water-orchid with his friend. You spend too much time alone.”

Doumeki was torn between staying next to Watanuki, who was smiling very sweetly at him, and following his grandmother so that the other boy couldn’t see the flush that he felt creeping up his neck. “What?” he asked defensively, reaching for the soda.

Watanuki held the can away, his sweet smile growing even bigger. “I’m never going to have to make lunch for you again,” he said happily.

“Sure you will,” he lunged, missing the can as Watanuki scuttled back and took a long drink. “If you don’t, I’ll call you ‘honey’ in front of everybody.”

“No, you won’t,” Watanuki smiled, finishing the can of root-beer and setting it carefully at the base of the tree, “because ‘water-orchid’ is so much worse. So much worse. I was just a little kid and you’re going to be seventeen in a few weeks.” He stood up and reached for the handles of his grocery bags.

“Where are you going?”

“Yuuko’s. I’m bringing her lunch, remember? And I have to tell her all about my day.”

The thought of anybody else knowing about his grandmother’s name for him made cold shivers scurry down his spine. “You will not,” he threatened, sweeping the bags back out of the way.

Watanuki blinked and then grinned. “How could you stop me?”

It was a very good question. “I’ll…push you down and shove grass up your shirt until you promise you won’t tell anybody.”

After a moment of shocked silence, Watanuki laughed. He laughed until he was forced to sit down or risk falling over. “You would not,” he managed between breaths. “That’d be like you saying ‘I’m going to hold you down and kiss you until you agree’,” he wound down, still chuckling. “Hand me my things, will you?”

Doumeki nodded and then, when Watanuki reached for the handles, dropped the bags and tackled the other boy at the knees, knocking him over. Sitting on him, he pulled up a handful of grass and showed it to him. “You’re not going to tell a soul, right?” he asked, plucking at the neck of Watanuki’s shirt.

Watanuki stared at him. “You wouldn’t.”

With a sigh of mock regret, Doumeki pushed the first, itchy handful of greenery under the collar. “Nobody who’s not on the temple grounds right now is going to hear of it, right?”

“Quit it,” Watanuki squirmed. “Water-orchid.”

Two more handfuls went up the un-tucked hem. “Right?”

“I’m going to take an ad out in the paper.”

Handfuls three and four were stuffed up Watanuki’s back as he twisted. “Right?”

“Everyday, for a week!”

In attempting to get number five between the buttons, Doumeki lost enough balance so that Watanuki rolled over. He dropped the grass in order to spare the glasses, and then sat down in the small of his back, putting his knees over the other boy’s arms so that crawling away was no longer an option. He tucked the glasses into his pocket and pulled up some more grass. He tugged the collar back and loving tucked the grass inside against Watanuki’s neck. “If you don’t promise that you won’t tell, the next handful is going down your pants,” he said calmly.

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Just for that, you’ll have to make me lunch tomorrow, too,” he said, reaching back.

Watanuki shrieked and wriggled, managing to flip and Doumeki’s fingers came dangerously close to touching…something. “All right! I promise! I promise.” Doumeki let the grass fall in a soft rain at his side. “I’m not taking orders, though.”

“Fair enough.”

“And I’m going to call you ‘water-orchid’ every chance I get.”

Doumeki smiled. “As long as it’s not in public, and I get lunch, I don’t care what you call me. Honey.”

“You’re a big jerk,” Watanuki huffed, but his voice was mild and there was a smile fighting with the frown he wore.

“I am,” Doumeki agreed, handing over the other boy’s glasses, “but at least you’re not lonely anymore.”

Watanuki made a face. “Jerk,” he repeated, but the smile had won out. Doumeki wanted, badly, to lean down and kiss that smile, to feel it against his own lips and to see just how much that old nickname might fit. But he didn’t. Whatever this new ground was that Watanuki had invited him to explore, his footing was too tenuous to risk over something that could wait a while longer.

Instead, Doumeki helped Watanuki get to his feet and brush the grass out of clothes. “Do you want me to walk you to Yuuko’s?” he asked, handing over the groceries.

“No,” Watanuki shook his head, dislodging more grass from his hair, glaring as he dodged Doumeki’s attempts to ruffle his hair and remove the rest of it. “I’ll be fine.”

“Okay,” Doumeki stepped back and watched him go.

He was rewarded when, at the entrance to the sidewalk, Watanuki turned around. “See you tomorrow. For lunch.”

“I’ll be waiting.”

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Cuuuuuute. =3 This made me smile, chuckle and go 'awww...' all at the same time. Very nice, very fun, very cute. ^^

This has made my day!

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE! *melts* That's absolutely adorable :D *snicker* 'Honey'. XD I can see that. Watanuki better pray Yuuko never finds out about that.

That was lovely!

There wasn't even a kiss, and it didn't matter, because. That was so sweet. :D

Constructive criticism? What's that?

They have PET NAMES!!!!!!!!!! ~squeals of fangirl joy~

Honey, OMg they are so married right now^^

Maniacal Squeel of Delight!
That was wonderful! Oh, my god, they have nicknames for each other and secrets just between the two of them. And can you just imagine them eating lunch together, snickering and smiling because they want to tease so badly? -giggles- Ah, this was great!

This is lovely. ^_^ Very cute all the way through and the grass thing was priceless. The sharing of the root beer was nice too. =D

Did no one notice that sharing the root beer was an indirect kiss???


Well, yeah! That's why it was so cute! ^^


That was wonderful and cute!
Thanks for sharing.

Sweet! I am imagining a lovey dovey watanuki and doumeki saying honey and water orchid with hearts in the background :) makes me tingle all over!!!!

I have the strongest compulsion to hug this fic *dork*

Really adorable fluff. <3

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