Deep Connection

I'd say you and Doumeki have a deep connection

[Fic] Dark!Watanuki AU
Alice is Quite the Darling
Title: Frequency
Author: SilkCut
Rating: M
Pairing: Doumeki/Watanuki, Watanuki/Kohane, Doumeki/Kohane
Status: Complete
Chapters: 7
Warnings: paranormal and commonplace bad habits; substance abuse; mentions of rape; manipulative!Watanuki
Summary: Watanuki knows he is now untouched by time while Doumeki remains a mere man made of flesh and bone and will one day expire. That didn't stop either of them from giving into their desires for each other anyway, altering their friendship into something hopelessly darker. In the midst of this, Kohane offers a compromise for the sake of the three of them which Doumeki at first hesitates to take as he continues to search for a way to be with Watanuki forever. Meanwhile, Watanuki dreams more and wakes less--being consumed by his bad habits both paranormal and commonplace--and even when he is awake, he dreams of Yuuko, as well as the man whom she has exchanged letters and wishes with from her past.

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Looking for a fic

The story had Watanuki going along as the school archery team was going to a three day tournament. Of course he was forced to share a single room with Doumeki. But the big detail i remember is Doumeki's back was deeply bruised because someone's bowstring broke but he still won the tournament.

I don't remember the title or author but i do remember reading it in lj - here or the author's page.

First Priority
Aiba Masaki
Title: First Priority

Pairing: Doumeki Shizuka/Watanuki Kimihiro

Rating/Genre: PG/Romance, Fluff

Beta: No Beta [You’ve been warned]

Summary: Watanuki realized that Doumeki didn’t say ‘We’ but ‘You’, it sounds like Watanuki is his first priority if there’s a dangerous situation.

A/N: Finally finished with this fic, it took me months just to write this short drabbles. It seems like I lost my skill, not like I have skill to begin with, lol. It’s been a while since I read XXXholic, still waiting for the translated one to come out in my country. I hate reading manga on the internet. I don’t have the best connection when it comes to Internet. *sigh
Oh well, hope you all enjoy this story and please don’t mind the title, I’m not good with title.

Need a help!
Hi! I am looking for a DouWata doujinshi named "PARTY LOVE 104 LIFE!" but all the download link has been deleted. I wonder if you have the raw or another working download link? Please send me. Thank you so much!

[Fic] Fore and Aft - Coming and Going
Title: Coming and Going
Part: 4/? (Fore and Aft)
Rating: G
Summary: Lady Yuuko, a reencounter aboard the Falcon, and bedside discussions.
Warnings: AU. Seafaring Doumeki.

Chapter 4 at

Some DoNuts for Doumeki's birthday
DouWata Not Your Wife
Title: Generosity
Author: Ekaterin
Pairings & Characters: Doumeki/Watanuki, Jorougumi
Rating: PG-13

On an autumn afternoon...Collapse )

Xxxholic: the live-action series
DouWata Not Your Wife
Sooo, who's seen the series?

I watched all 9 episodes (finally found them in English, though the Spanish fansubs were expanding my knowledge of the language). It was...different. I missed Mokona and several minor characters terribly, but for what it was it was pretty decent. Anne was a reasonably good Yuuko--flirty, mysterious, and she had that bit of sadness that makes Yuuko more than just another sexy flirty dominating witch. Maru and Moro were delightfully charming/creepy, and I loved the endings with them playing games with Watanuki and him being awkward/losing. Watanuki looked perfect, I thought, from his glasses to his pretty-while-still-slightly-awkward-and-nerdy face to his slimness in that classic uniform. He wasn't as awkward or flailing-and-shouting as anime/manga Watanuki, but that would not have gone over well in live action. Doumeki was...darn good-looking, and appropriately deadpan, though he talked more than anime/manga Doumeki. Himawari-chan, most people on the sites I've seen, seemed to be a two-dimensional cheery girl--until the last episode or two. I think she was trying too hard--her "mask" of happiness over her near-despair over her bad-luck self was not subtle enough.

One commenter on the Facebook page described the relationship between the three teens as: "Watanuki loves Himawari. Doumeki likes Watanuki." And another Donuts fan is born!! Really, I can see the live-action boys in slashy context so easily. Watanuki has the most kissable mouth, Doumeki is awesomely graceful in a controlled, Zen manner when drawing his bow, and, just, well, they're pretty darn true to previous versions and fit nicely with my fanon concept of the pair, at any rate.

Thoughts, criticisms, squees?

Popping up to say...
DouWata Not Your Wife
Today, in the US way of noting the day and month, is 10/4...104!
Yeah, I'm a hardcore DouWata shipper, to the point that I think of these things, and still write 104 fanfic. I'm nearly done with a new fanfic, just a few hundred words, dealing with the guys and Jorougumo. Anyone willing to beta for me?

White Day
Aiba Masaki
Tite: White Day

Pairing: Doumeki Shizuka/Kimihiro Watanuki

Genre/Rating: Fluff, Romance/G

Beta: ekaterin24

Summary: It’s White Day and Doumeki has nothing prepared for Watanuki

A/N: I just re-read xxxHolic and realize that Doumeki didn’t give anything to Watanuki for the chocolate he ate on Valentine ’s Day. I thought, how rude of him, and this fic came into mind, lol. Enjoy :D

xxxholic Rei fic : Inevitable

He’d tried to hold time still, hold everything together for a little bit longer, a wish so strong that it leaked from his dreams and altered the fabric of reality, strong enough that players played on his stage aware of their duality, free will driven by someone else, a trapped world where they were happy to stay, knowing that reality would slowly knitting itself back in, unstitching the  false truths that they acted out each day.


Doumeki was feeling the pressing weight of the future, he somehow knew the real end, the cracks were showing in his state of mind, he remembers a wedding and daughter and a bed of white feathers, he is troubled by these memories of the future, by what he sees and what he doesn’t see. It makes him greedy for the now.

He watches Watanuki stirring the soup, tied into the long sleeved apron only his slim neck revealed his skin.

"Quit hovering over me," Watanuki says.

Doumeki can sense the frown by the tension across the shoulders, and he draws closer.

He didn’t intend to, but he reaches out, his fingers light against the neck, so slim he could put his whole hand around it.

"Quit it!"

But the soft touch sets him off, and he wraps his other around Watanuki’s slim waist, and with no effort their bodies are touching.
 How little effort it had taken, had it always been so easy.

Watanuki let’s go of the ladle, his hand moves up to cover Doumeki’s hand that caresses his neck.

"What -" he says, and his breath draws sharply in when when he feels Doumeki’s lips against his skin. It sends shivers down his spine.

If Watanuki struggled, it was not because he did not want it, even as he tried to resist, his body succumbed to the enveloping warmth of the body pressed again his back, the hand that was slipping up the layers of clothes to stroked his abdomen. He struggled because it was pulling him to fast away from what reality was meant to be, and a part of him knew that, a part that he was denying consciousness to, nevertheless he understood the terror, the gaping hole that would be left if he moved to quick and too deep into his desires.

He wanted to cry out and say no, but then Doumeki turned him quick and caught his mouth, so their lips pressed, their breath exchanged, and soon their tongues, and there was no denying how hard they were for each other.

What happened next was inevitable, the love making urgent, and Doumeki who’d alway remained so quiet, like his name, found his voice and told Watanuki over and over how much he loved him, desperately in an aching tone, as if this was his only chance. Watanuki feel asleep from exhaustion, feeling tired in the strong arms that hugged him so tightly.

Asleep they still held each other, desire and willpower battling the powers that tried to claw back time from the lovers. And if we don’t talk about the morning, this would be the perfect place for their ending.


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